Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Good?

Seems that there is so much sad and not good around me lately. I remember as a kid I would come home and my mom would ask me about school and I'd tell her all the horrible things that happened and she'd cut me off and say "What's good?!" Then she'd pry something good out of my day. At the time it was annoying, but really... my days can't all have been that bad. And even today.... I have a lot that's not good around me, but I want to talk about the good.

What's good?

My dog bite is healing quite well and it looks like there will hardly be a scar at all!
I deflected a scary dog chase and rushed my parent's pup indoors before she could run after a walker - phew!
I got a package in the mail - love getting packages!
It's one day closer to Friday!
No gym tonight... LOL!
I had a nice conversation via text message with my brother last night, he made me smile so much my dog bite hurt a little - I consider that a good hurt.
I'm trying to teach myself CSS and am starting to get the jist of it.
My dog is finally starting to listen to me - we're still working on it.
George the Cat is being extremely friendly with me lately, I guess that's good.
At work we are finishing our work with Account Management and I can see light at the end of the tunnel!
I have colored paperclips!!
I found wallpaper with an Alligator today... it's a long story, but it made me smile.

Ok, that should be enough happy for now. :)

And now it should be safe to tell you that I have a headache.......

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