Thursday, May 6, 2010

Living In a Van DOWN BY THE RIVER!

Sorry, the title is a Chris Farely throw back. Watch his SNL skits... they are great!

Anyway, I just wanted to give props to Denise Austin today. She is my motivator. She doesn't just get me motivated to exercise, but to eat healthy and try to enjoy life. I don't know how it works for me but it does. She says something and I start thinking, "Ok, you know what, she's right; and I totally want to do what she says; and I like to do what she says." I think it's just her attitude, it's so cool and mellow and it helps me chill out and dig deep to find the strength I need when I am having even the crappiest of days. I love the energy she puts into everything she does and says. I like that she actually takes her own advice and shows you that she's doing it so you can too. So kudos to you Denise Austin. You are one of my top motivators and I want you to know that. Thank you!!