Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Procrastinator

I am the Procrastinator.

I suppose I choose to be one... but I am not proud of it. I joke about it, but realize that I need to get the ball rolling on some things I need to do. I hate putting people off. It is never my intention...but I lose steam and when I am frustrated I tend not to do things at all. I start out strong working on something and then I hit a road block and then what do I do? Absolutely nothing! I don't even let the thought of it slip into my head. I forget about it. Convenient for me I suppose, but not so much for someone who is waiting on me to finish.

For anyone who has had to wait on me to finish something... I'm sorry. I've been working on getting better at just getting things done all at once that way I don't put it off and it's been working for the small projects. But for the big ones... Eh, I don't even want to think about it. But I will make the effort to try to finish things right away or within a reasonable amount of time.

I'm sorry to myself too... I've wanted to redesign my blog and create my own logo for some time and it's been too long. I will have to work myself into my schedule at some point. Some point after I've finished other commitments...

NECESSARY NOTE: This does not include things at work, they get done because I am really good like that. This does not include things that would need immediate attention either. This only includes things that are not a high priority, but are somewhere on my to-do list.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Power of Love

There seem to be three things that drive people in this world.

1. Love
2. Power
3. Insanity

From all the movies I've seen, love always wins in the end. I think this is true even in real life. Love wins no matter what. Even if justice was not served in a specific case...everyone is on the side of those who were driven by love - offering more love... which in its own way is power. I guess you could argue that only power and insanity rule this world, but I think love sounds better.

Maybe I watch too many movies...

Now I can't get "The Power of Love" song out of my head.........

Now I feel like watching "Back to the Future"...........................

Olly Olly Oxen Free

Did you ever yell that while playing a game as a kid? I always wondered what it meant. Apparently it is a german saying "Alle, alle auch sind frei" which means "everybody is free." Makes a lot more sense now. I used to yell it when we were playing flashlight tag and I could see someone who was close to the base and I knew we could make it without the person who was "it" catching us. That had to be the best game ever! The saying brings back such fun memories.

Reference: Wikipedia

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Father's Day

Me: what should we get/do for dad? i'm not really sure...

Mom: we need to get him some time. he has been so upset lately about not having time for things. : (

Me: Hahaha... I can make some time.... but I don't know that I can transfer it to him... :P

Days Like This

You know it's going to be a long day when you are hungry enough to eat your lunch at 9 in the morning...

update: I caved and ate my lunch at 10am. Maybe muscle building b/c of the gym?

Monday, May 18, 2009


Renting an apartment in the late spring is just crazy - but a good crazy. I have so many people interested in my apartment that I am forgetting what times I am suggesting to which people to meet to see it. I have a list of the confirmed times so I should be ok, but it's the e-mailing back and forth with 20 or so people that has me just flabbergasted. The end of this week should be a very good one for me!!

That is such a funny word... makes me laugh to say it. Haha...ha...ha...hehehe....heh...heh...ha... Rob are you laughing yet? You are such a gigglemonkey!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

iWant an iPhone

But there are too many reasons for me not to get an iPhone.

1. They are very expensive
2. The phone I have now works just fine
3. The iPhone is still locked
4. By the time I buy an iPhone, they will come out with the iDo-everything-the-iPhone-doesn't
5. I have a very bad habbit of dropping cell phones into water - don't ask me how mine still works...it's been dropped into water at least 3 times!!
6. It would be a huge distraction for me and I wouldn't pay attention to you standing beside me unless you were texting me
7. I would use it to play games at night and fall asleep playing it
8. I would annoy my mom with all the cool new apps I find
9. I'd be comforming to society - ew...
10. If I missed calls, I couldn't blame it on my barely functioning - water logged phone
11. I would further annoy my mom by dragging my dad into the games and apps I find
12. Some might be more tempted to steal the phone when I leave it in the grocery cart while I go in the next row to grab something
13. I wouldn't have any use for my laptop, Zune player, car stereo, Palm Pilot, camera, GPS, or even my TV

Friday, May 15, 2009

Boy from Last Night

Little boy from last night:

I just want to tell you that you scared me. It was hard to see you last night. You were wearing all black and it was pouring out. You weren't in a crosswalk, or even at an intersection for that matter. I could just barely make out the light skin on your moving hands to see that there was something in front of my car on that busy street. I hope that you are safe and dry right now. Please don't do that again. I would never want the injury or death of a young man on my conscience - even if it wasn't my fault.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Being Faithful Part II

Ok, so the other day I was ranting about what's wrong with people and how they are unfaithful and how it's specifically men.... Well...someone near and dear to me has been dealing with a cheating husband and I was upset and shocked to find out.

Let me go on to explain that not all people (specifically men) are like that. My parents just celebrated 28 years of marriage. (A big congratulations to them!!) As much as they fight and carry on, I know that they are in love and have made a life together. I cannot tell you that they are perfect, but they try to love each other as best they can. I think marriage is a lot of work, but hopefully the rewards are worth the work.

I do not know the reasons behind one being unfaithful... and even though I believe it is wrong, I understand that they may believe they have good reason for it. It may be a result of fear or anger or some other disabling thing. I find it rather sad and I still think that it just should not happen.

My advice? Don't get married if you think this will be a problem. If you don't know that it will be a problem until it is a problem, don't pretend that everything is alright. Everything is not alright.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strange Things

Here are some strange things that I have learned in my lifetime so far:

- Never put glow sticks in your mouth
- Always check that the toilet seat is down
- Never go near a beauty school student who has bobbie pins
- Always make sure who the person is behind the mask before you react
- Never put the end of a phone charger in your mouth while it is plugged in
- Always make sure of where the cat is before opening the dog food
- Never agree to retrieve javelins
- Always wear boots in a warehouse in winter, even if it doesn't feel that cold
- Never assume all is clear when quickly ducking into a bunk bed
- Never agree to be the front of the train while sledding
- Always make sure the horse you are touching is not touching the electric fence
- Never jump on really large boxes in order to destroy them
- Always check your pillow for stink bugs, or any bug for that matter

Why do I always have to learn the hard way?! LOL!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bolt and Rhino

So I was watching the movie Bolt this weekend and if you haven't seen it and you find creepy hamsters funny... you have to see it! I don't know why I got such a kick out of that hamster named Rhino... Everytime that thing spoke I foud myself in a fit of laughter. What a creepy little guy!

On Being Faithful

Is it really that difficult to be faithful? Maybe I am from planet Mars or something, but I don't understand it. When you get married, you take an oath to be faithful to the other person. Once you break that, does that mean your marraige is null? What is wrong with people? More specifically...men. I just need to get that off my chest. Okay, I'm good now. --Oh, and this has nothing to do with me--

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eminent Domain

I just read that the government is condemning land near Shanksville, Pennsylvania for the flight 93 memorial. 2,200 acres are required for the memorial and $58 billion dollars will be used.

Question 1: Who is going to pay for this?
Question 2: Why do they need that much land?
Question 3: Will many people visit this memorial?

This story has me really upset today. As a property owner, I feel the pain. Okay, so I don't have 500 acres of land, but I still understand that these people pay taxes on their property and they have ideas and uses for their property. They never knew that a plane was going to crash on their land and cause a tragedy that needs to be remembered. I understand the need to remember, the need to create something for the families, the need to allow people to mourn the loss, but do they really need that much land to do so?

See the whole story here on Yahoo:

See the definition of Eminent Domain here:

To end on a positive note: Dress Down Day at work tomorrow!!! :) That so made my day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Complicated

Sometimes I think I make life more complicated than it has to be. Sometimes life is about living, not thinking. I worry way too much. If I would just stop over thinking every move I make, maybe life wouldn't be so complicated. I would like to STOP and just have fun. This is my exit and I'm getting off for a while. My path will continue when I am ready. Sometimes I like taking the winding road in which I have no idea where it leads. Who cares? I need to have fun during the journey and stop worrying about what lies ahead. Lol, I feel like I'm making it more complicated by even writing this post about it. So, I'm done over complicating things.... If it wasn't really late on a weeknight, I'd be enjoying life! For now I'll just dream about enjoying it.

Just Jargon

typical troubleshooting at work:

Issue 1:
VPN Issue - she was kicked out of VPN and now she is not able to log back in.

checked logged in users and there were none to purge. no disabled accounts. checked her epass and it is fine. she says she is able to get to the internet. had her reboot and try again, still not working. sending to prod.

Issue 2:
email address:
Add serial number of PC to sn field of ticket
Description of problem: her groupwise kept closing out on her.

landesked, reinstalled groupwise. seems ok now. she will call back if it happens again.