Sunday, May 17, 2009

iWant an iPhone

But there are too many reasons for me not to get an iPhone.

1. They are very expensive
2. The phone I have now works just fine
3. The iPhone is still locked
4. By the time I buy an iPhone, they will come out with the iDo-everything-the-iPhone-doesn't
5. I have a very bad habbit of dropping cell phones into water - don't ask me how mine still's been dropped into water at least 3 times!!
6. It would be a huge distraction for me and I wouldn't pay attention to you standing beside me unless you were texting me
7. I would use it to play games at night and fall asleep playing it
8. I would annoy my mom with all the cool new apps I find
9. I'd be comforming to society - ew...
10. If I missed calls, I couldn't blame it on my barely functioning - water logged phone
11. I would further annoy my mom by dragging my dad into the games and apps I find
12. Some might be more tempted to steal the phone when I leave it in the grocery cart while I go in the next row to grab something
13. I wouldn't have any use for my laptop, Zune player, car stereo, Palm Pilot, camera, GPS, or even my TV

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