Friday, May 4, 2012

Peppermint Pop Pop

A while back, probably 3 years or more, I ran into this old man who reeked of peppermint. It was funny because it didn't bother me one bit like someone who reeks of cologne or cigarette smoke does. It was actually very pleasing and made me feel happier somehow. I never forgot this man because of his unique scent. Most people don't really smell like peppermint - you just catch whiffs of it around them. Well this guy smelled like he took a bath in a batch of the sweet, delightful mints. His lingering odor was very uplifting long after he had left the room. After coming across this man, I've wondered how in the world you can smell that strongly of it. I've tried chewing many different mints to see if there are some that are strong enough to cause this mysteriously strong aroma, but I can't seem to find the source of strength of the odor he had. Maybe he rubbed the essential oil on himself... strange, but interesting. And I'm pretty sure it was not peppermint flavored Snuff. My Pop Pop used to chew that stuff and I didn't really like the smell of it because it's mixed with tobacco which I think smells gross. Anyway, I think it's funny that I still remember this man years later and it still makes me smile to think about how pleasant the smell was. I need a trademark smell like that - one that makes people around me happier. How cool would that be? Minty cool.