Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Little Things...

that REALLY bug me...

- Weird spots on toilet paper, like glue or a seed a bug fossil? what is that?!

- When every station on the radio is playing commercials and there is NO music on any of the channels I listen to!!! Do they plan this?

- That I can't find the lid to my favorite travel tea mug

- When the pump handle at the gas station doesn't click and I have to hold it the entire time in the bitter, freezing cold and on a day that I conveniently forgot my gloves at home

- That there is even a remote possibility that you can get your eyelashes so stuck in an eyelash curler that you have to rip your eyelashes out to get them unstuck... OWWWW! OW! OW! OWWWWWWWWW! (eyes watering to oblivion)

- When you see the (1) to show you there is a message waiting in your inbox and it's just junk mail... such a let down

- When you type an email message and then re-read it AFTER you've sent it only to find that you look like you can't speak your own language. IdiOT!

- Knowing that someone else found a hair or a bug or some other non-food item in the same food I am eating... did I already eat one of what they just found?!! Yuck, spit!

- Driving behind a smoker and having their smoke come into my car through the vents... EWWWWW! Grossssss!

- When someone calls you in err and then after you explain that this is the wrong number they dial it right back... STILL the wrong number! And even a third time... YES IT'S THE WROOOONG NUMBER!

- When you take your shoes off and your socks come off with them - crap! QUICK cover feet, hide feet...dry feet! Chipped nail-polish... hiiiiide toes!

- When you wash your hands in a public bathroom only to realize there is no way to dry them, great ...shake shake shake, shake shake shake... shake your booty... or ha-ands...shake your ha-ands...

- When there is NO toilet paper and you've already gone and there is NO ONE to spare a square ...let's just say the booty song does NOT apply

- When you are in the bathroom and you hear someone actually GOing and then you don't hear any water running and they are gone when you come out of the stall... HMMMmmmm... don't think I'll be touching that door handle...

- When your coworker notices a BIIIIG clump of your hair under the wheels of your office chair - "boy, you shed like a dog!!" was big foot... yeah... You know Harry... he's the nice one from that movie...and he sheds like no other!

- When you think it's Friday all day and you are having a fantastic day because the weekend is here, only to realize it's Thursday! ?!

- When you try out a new lotion that smells alright and then later starts to smell so bad that you think there may have been some sort of dead animal in that lotion.... OMG, OMG! need to wash hands....scrub get...SMELL...OFF!

- That there are so many of these things in my head on a daily basis that I hate to end the post here...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pete and Repeat Were on a Boat...

Is there anything more annoying than having to repeat yourself or asking someone else to repeat themselves?! I tend to think not. I have a lot of patience but very little when I have to repeat something for the third time or FOURTH TIME! And don't you love that by then you are yelling it not only because you need the volume but because you are thoroughly annoyed... I have to laugh at myself for getting so irritated so quickly at something so stupid. The only way to combat my asking someone to repeat themselves more than once (at the risk of annoying them) is to protect the hearing I have now so that it doesn't get worse. I heard on the radio that if you start to turn your music or tv down, that eventually you will get used to the lower volume and that you can protect your hearing this way. I've been trying it but I'm not so sure it is working, maybe it just takes a loooong time. I'm sorry but when an AC/DC song comes on I just have to turn it up. I can't listen to it on a lower volume... it's like eating one potato chip, you just can't do it... it's weird. So as my efforts are totally failing, I'm thinking about changing my choice of music for a while until I can get used to the lower volumes so that when my dad is talking to me from another room at least I will be able to hear him when he is asking me to repeat myself for the FIFTH TIME!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Bad Bowl

Speaking of snickers commercials... there were some interesting commercials last night during the Super Bowl XLIV. But I want to talk about the game! I mean, WOW!!! Did you see that?! Just amazing. Amazing plays by both teams. And I couldn't believe the interception, that was absolutely crazy! Congratulations to the Saints on their win! You made history last night...

Tracy Porter's interview - so humble:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Batman

Thoroughly enjoying a Snickers bar right now because there are no Milky Ways around. Totally bad for me, but it's gym

Made me think of this commercial from way back. My family has made references to this commercial for years that's a good commercial!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Heats Up Must Calm Down

That is all.

Unless you were expecting something more... in which case...

I like tea.

Hot tea. Decaffinated tea. Sweet tea. Iced tea. Herbal tea. Chai tea. Sun tea. Peppermint tea. White tea. Not green tea. Lemon tea. Brisk tea. Not Nestea. Nestea = Nas-ty. Blueberry tea. Lipton's tea. Orange tea. Mr. T. - oh, sorry - Fresh brewed tea. Peach tea. Black tea. English breakfast tea.

Ok...that is all. You can go back to your regularly scheduled lives now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Angry Beaver

Today I can just feel the steam coming out of my ears. It usually takes a lot to make me angry and today I'm angry. I feel that talking about it will help me calm down. I do not feel like I can confront the person who has angered me. This is usually my dilemma. Probably like most people I do not like confrontation. I hate it. I would rather let the anger fester in my gut for years than even begin to tell someone I am mad at them. For some reason I understand that with family I should let them know that I am upset - otherwise I would probably lose it - but I can't seem to do the same for anyone else. Instead of burying this anger inside, I am letting it out... right here. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAA HHHHHHHH HHHHHHH!!!!!! AHH AAAAHHHHH AAAH! AH! Ok, I think I feel better. Ok, no, not really... but I will. I usually get all worked up and then someone close to me talks me through it and makes me look at the bigger picture and I find that I'm usually over reacting or I am not putting things in the right perspective. Sometimes I just want to be mad though, but really it's not healthy... so I'm gonna go home and de-stress. Watch a cartoon or two. Perhaps some Angry Beavers - that cartoon is great! Everything will be ok. Worse things have happened. Anyone have any party cake ice cream? After eating a big bowl of that I know everything is just fine... That stuff is every happy birthday rolled into one big bowl of happiness!! Ok, OK, food as therapy = not good. I guess I'll just hit the gym instead... then if I still feel so inclined, I'll go ahead and have that big bowl of the most awesome childhood memories ever.

Ok, I'll quit my whinin! Sorry!