Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Angry Beaver

Today I can just feel the steam coming out of my ears. It usually takes a lot to make me angry and today I'm angry. I feel that talking about it will help me calm down. I do not feel like I can confront the person who has angered me. This is usually my dilemma. Probably like most people I do not like confrontation. I hate it. I would rather let the anger fester in my gut for years than even begin to tell someone I am mad at them. For some reason I understand that with family I should let them know that I am upset - otherwise I would probably lose it - but I can't seem to do the same for anyone else. Instead of burying this anger inside, I am letting it out... right here. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAA HHHHHHHH HHHHHHH!!!!!! AHH AAAAHHHHH AAAH! AH! Ok, I think I feel better. Ok, no, not really... but I will. I usually get all worked up and then someone close to me talks me through it and makes me look at the bigger picture and I find that I'm usually over reacting or I am not putting things in the right perspective. Sometimes I just want to be mad though, but really it's not healthy... so I'm gonna go home and de-stress. Watch a cartoon or two. Perhaps some Angry Beavers - that cartoon is great! Everything will be ok. Worse things have happened. Anyone have any party cake ice cream? After eating a big bowl of that I know everything is just fine... That stuff is every happy birthday rolled into one big bowl of happiness!! Ok, OK, food as therapy = not good. I guess I'll just hit the gym instead... then if I still feel so inclined, I'll go ahead and have that big bowl of the most awesome childhood memories ever.

Ok, I'll quit my whinin! Sorry!

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