Tuesday, June 29, 2010



I know the purpose of the cement posts are to keep people from crashing into the gas pumps, but I think that their secondary purpose is for people to smack their car doors on them. Thankfully I haven't done this recently but I have done it in the past and enough times to learn never to do it again and I have seen other people do it. Just the other day I was admiring all of the scuff marks on a nice red post. I just think it's sad that those posts are so close to where you open your car door. I would be curious to find out what the statistics are for how many times those are hit by car doors on a daily basis. I'm also wondering why no one has come up with a better solution because from what I can see, these are a problem for most people. Including Tommy Boy!! Hah. Just thought of that. That was great! "What'd you do?"

Monday, June 28, 2010


The message was plain, simple, and clear. Volunteer. I think the message was meant to get people out there to help the needy or those who are less fortunate but here is my take on the message:

It's pretty simple really. Assist people. It doesn't take much to offer someone your assistance. You don't have to be a part of a volunteer group. The person or people don't have to be super needy either. I think that it is a different kind of volunteering. It doesn't take much effort or money. It's the kind of volunteering that if more people did it, well, it could just make the world a slightly happier place. Maybe?


person with hands full - open the door for them
person can't reach item on shelf - ask if you can get item for them
hold the door for the person behind you
allow people to merge in front of you in traffic
when someone doesn't have enough to buy something - offer spare change
tell someone when they leave something behind (ie, keys sitting on a counter)
someone trips and falls - offer to help them up!

I really think it's the little things that count when it comes to living in harmony with other people. When I do nice things for other people it makes me happy. In all honesty, I do get upset when other people don't do these things for me, but I realize that I'm not their focus in life. I'm just in their peripheral. And that's ok, but I think that when we start to focus on the people around us (even though they are not our main focus in life) that somehow it helps everyone. When you pay attention to people and what's going on around you, it makes things easier for everyone.

Safety precautions:

Because this world is not always a safe place, be careful when and how you assist people. Be sure it is in a public area. Do not walk up to people's cars when giving directions. Do not open your door to strangers. Do not help people on the side of the road, instead call the police to assist.

Sorry, just felt like doling out advice today, love it or leave it (you better gain way)....