Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slow Motion

Why do I feel like everything is in slow motion today? I feel like my hands are going in slow motion as I type this. What gives? Kinda weird.

I promise I didn't take anything... no cough medicine... no allergy - er wait, I took my zyrtec, does that count? I haven't been taking it regularly... mabye it is affecting me...?

I guess slow is good. Beats the I-can't-even-go-to-the-bathroom-I'm-so-busy-my-eyeballs-are-floating days! Once in a while, a nice, Slooooooooooow paced daaaaay is gooooood.... I guuuessss. Gosh, I feel like Eyore...just so sloooooowwwww........moving....taaaalking....tyyyping...

Lol, I think I'm going to have to wake up before I go to the gym tonight or that could be pretty weird.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I believe winking has to be done at the right time and for the right situation - otherwise it's just awkward. The right situations are, for example, when your mother is playing a joke on your father and she winks at you to indicate that she is pulling the wool over his eyes. Or when it is a big day and you are really nervous and your father winks to let you know that everything will be ok. When your brother knows something only the two of you know and he winks as if to say... yeah i know....

When people wink at me when there's no joke, no big day, no brotherly knowledge, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I sit there trying to figure out what they meant by it. Did they wink because it's a nice day? Did they wink because they thought I looked nice. Did they wink because they know something more than I am seeing? What in the world did they mean? I might even look at them a few times indicating...tell me why you just winked at me... then they smile and it makes me even more uncomfortable. Ugh... Was he flirting and now I'm playing into it by looking at him? Was she trying to tell me something and then the moment passed and so now she's smiling it off? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Maybe there are other reasons to wink at people and I just don't know them... I guess for now I'll just take them as a smile... then I won't have to wonder myself sick. LOL.

Friday, March 27, 2009


You have to check this out! LOL! My mom just sent this to me.... This is great!


Exercise Shmexercise!

Why is it that the idea of running excites me but when I actually get home and put on my gym clothes... I feel like a sloth!?

The idea of jump roping until I pass out makes me feel thinner, but when I go to jump rope, there never seems to be a good place to do it. There's no room, it's raining...

When I go to the gym, the treadmills and elipticals are all taken. I weightlift while I wait. When I see someone get off the machine, another person slips on before I can get over there to claim the machine.

I run around the yard with my dog and then I trip in a pothole. The next time we go out I just watch her run.

I promise my pup that we will go running... I have a headache... my stomach hurts... there's always a reason not to go...

I think I lost my motivation... If anyone sees it....... I need it back..... I think.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bathroom Talk

I just feel like sharing this...

At work we have a ladies bathroom with 3 stalls. They are rather small stalls that you have to turn sideways to fit into (and I'm fairly thin). The middle stall, forget it. You can enter the stall fine without problems, but for some reason you can't exit the stall without getting stuck. I think it is because the toilet paper dispenser is on the same side as the door opening. Why did they do that?! So, to get out of the darn thing you have to step back and sort of straddle the toilet bowl between your legs so you can pull the door in enough to get out. My predicament is this: Hardly anyone uses the middle stall... thusly it's the best option for me because it is -in theory- cleaner than the other toilets. BUT, when I use that toilet there is the possibility that someone could come into the bathroom while I am in the middle stall and their only option is to use one of the stalls right next to me. I generally like my space and having an empty stall beside me is my preference. Does clean trump privacy? Remember though, these stalls are SMALL! I probably wouldn't want to stand that close to someone I was talking to....


Food Habits

I don't know about anyone else, but when I decide I like something (foodwise) I eat it for a while. I will eat that thing everyday for a month, two months, maybe even a year. Then all of a sudden, I've eaten too much of that food and sooner or later I get to the point where I can't even look at that food without feeling sick to my stomach. I will feel this way for months and then after a while that feeling will start to go away and the food will look enticing to me again. Why does this happen? Weirdness.....

some examples are:
cottage cheese
peanut butter sandwiches
different types of cereal
bagels with cream cheese
ramen noodles

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mama Disapproves

An acquaintance of mine just got engaged. Before proposing, he went to her parents to ask permission for her hand in marriage. Dad said yes, mom said no.

If this were back in the 50s, I'm sure that would not be a problem...what dad says goes. But today, what do you do? What if her mother refuses to go to her wedding? What if her boyfriend decides that he needs everyone to be in full support? Does it matter what her mother thinks if my friend is happy and in love? Will her mother's voice constantly be in the back of her head telling her that this is a bad decision?

The gesture of asking permission seems a bit outdated to me. I find it romantic and an extremely nice gesture, but with how society is today...it just doesn't seem to fit. When women are becoming more independent and living on their own and doing things for themselves...it just seems so odd for a man to have to ask for a woman's hand in marriage. It seems that the woman is independent enough to give herself away. Don't get me wrong, I understand the sentimental value of it all. I just don't understand what you do when you are fully independent and capable and a parent says no. They are still your parents, but you've been making other decisions for yourself... ??? This one has me frazzled.

Friday, March 20, 2009

One of Those Days...

It's one of those days... you know, the one where everything that could go wrong at work goes wrong. Not with me personally, but with the job itself. Ok, so things could be worse. They can always be worse.

Anyway, I think I've dealt pretty well with the issues we are dealing with, but it seriously doesn't help that yesterday I moved wrong and now my neck has been spasming ever since. What the heck did I do?? I bent over to reach something and my neck said, "I'm punishing you for that!" What did I do? Why?? I was feeling really good and healthy lately (besides the leftover sore throat that won't seem to leave me alone). I think I need to start stretching in the mornings. Oh, and trust me, I'm not that old. I think being tall has cursed me with the back/neck problems. I deal. That's just one of the things I am finally learning that I have to do. Deal.

This is how I can truly appreciate someone who makes it through the daily struggles - health issues, utility bill issues, having to take a whole day off of work just for someone to come out for ten minutes to check an appliance, car troubles, appointments where the other person doesn't show up, not having an ingredient you thought you had, and many other things like that...

Hooray for all of you who have to DEAL!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Thoughts on the Economy

My conscience is clear... but I can't speak for anyone who works over at AIG...

It literally makes me sick to my stomach to think about people who have more money than they know what to do with. I try not to think about it...

I remind myself that money is just paper... who cares about pieces of paper? Why the big deal about this stinky green paper stuff anyway?

I tend to think that people who have a lot of money are in a completely different world than the rest of us... Come back to Earth?

Something only has value when we give it value. When it is worth something to us. Sometimes I wonder how items obtain their worth. An antique, fragile, old, and dirty rug??

Are people just lazy, or do they really need help?

What if we went back to the days of trade and barter...would it be possible to have a financial crisis?

Is there nothing better than our tax system?

I pay school taxes and yet I have no children and have been out of school for a while.

My Social Security statements say I have to be 74 to retire. I will be lucky to remember my own name at that age...

I feel that I have been let down.

I still hold onto hope.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Because...

The one and only Mallo Cup!

My Ricoh...needs fixed right now

Not the best flavor, but they really work!

I'm a Jeans and Socks person...

I don't drink a lot of Soda, but when I do...

Photographs by The Neon Mouse

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cat Got Your Arm?

Well, he got mine! I have to say...I'm really not a cat person. I think cats are beautiful creatures, if they belong to someone else! Don't get me wrong, I can pet them and be nice and friendly with them......BUT.....

My parents have a cat named George. He is a very handsome fluffy black cat with a fluffy white belly. George has the attitude of a tiger. He will swat at dogs and come out to greet guests. He likes to chew on peoples' hair. He also likes to lay right in the middle of the floor while nieces and nephews play with their toys around him. He is very much a dog in a lot of ways...but he's still a cat.


Ok, let me get to my story. I was getting dog food out of a bag and he decided to help me. His help was biting my arm to make me pull it out of the bag faster - I think. OW OW OW! He bit the real tender part of my arm - the part under the bicep...yeah the part that your brother pinched when you were fighting because it hurt real bad! So yeah I think I'm gonna have a nice bruise there.

Cats are too unpredictable for me. I know that they do this thing called love bites...but OW! I don't like that. And the kneading...OOOOH! Don't even get me started on the jumping on you and not meaning to have their claws out....AHOAGHEAOG!!!

Note that this event happened hours ago and as I write this blog, my loyal CAT is sitting on the arm of my chair with his tail waiving in and out of my face. Is this his way of making up with me?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Because Weird is My Middle Name...

I've been meaning to post this for a while but had to find a link.... this makes me laugh hysterically!!


I think that the person who created this commercial must have been my best friend in another life...

What's even funnier....is watching other people see it for the first time. My mom actually lifted her head from the photoshopping of her professional photos on her laptop to see where that strange sound was coming from. My dad...he looked more like a lost pup with his head cocked to the side. ROTFL!!!!


In Japanese that means "begin," and that is what they say at the beginning of a karate match. I am a black belt in karate and was involved in it for 12 years. Such a long time for not wanting to be a fighter. I didn't necessarily love it, but it was worth every minute I spent there. But this isn't what I was going to start talking about...

I wanted to talk about Boo <--- my mom's dog and Panga (Abu and Topanga). They have their own little karate matches once in a while. Though not encouraged, these matches are really funny! They consist of Panga holding a treat - usually a rawhide - between her paws and covering it with her mouth so that Boo cannot get a hold of it. Boo starts barking at Pang and biting the ground in front of her (why does she do that?). Then starts the whining. Boo whines and cries because she can't get the treat. Then Panga whines and cries because she doens't want Boo to get her treat.... And would you have guessed that they sound a good bit like a swarm of bees?! They do!! You have to hear it. Maybe someday I'll record it and put it on here so you can hear it for yourself...

For now, here is a link to what a swarm of bees (and Panga and Boo) sound like: http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/4553251-sound-swarm-of-bees

Oh, and I should also mention that Topanga is a 45lb Golden Retriever mix, about thigh high, while Abu is a Pomeranian/Chiuaua mix and is only 10lbs and is no taller than your ankles. What's funny about that is the fact that Boo always wins these matches after the whining is over. She wiggles the treat out from underneath of Panga's feet and runs away with it. David and Goliath style!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need a Hug...

Thanks to a fellow blogger, Brown Photography I have an awesome video to share... she left it on my comments page, but I think it needs to be brought out in the light. :)


Oh and check out Brown Photography 's blog, she's got some amazing photography!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Dad's Songs

So, when I was little, I used to think that my dad made up all these crazy songs. He would just start singing about the weirdest things. Things about robots, things about being on a radio, whipping something....turns out I found out most of the songs I thought my dad made up were REAL songs! Get out! He even tried to tell me that they were real songs at the time, but I never believed him because they were just too weird. So, years later when I heard them on the radio I would die laughing because the weird, weird, weird songs were real. Whip it, Mr. Roboto, Mexican Radio....that's just to name a few. I never would have thought that there were people who could be as lyrically strange as my dad. Some of the songs my dad sang were actually made up by him (I have a video somewhere to prove it!), but they were mixed in with the real ones, so to this day I assume it was my dad's song unless I hear it on the radio. And not just on a Mexican radio....


What is wrong with me? I haven't been posting on here! Oh, well.... whatever. I will post when I want and that's the way it's gonna be.

So.....things that are on my mind right now:

When is it going to be spring?
When will I have time to relax (for serious)?
When are my netflix DVDs coming...Did I mail the previous ones too late to get them by the weekend?
Why are we really busy at work lately? Is there some sort of pattern going on?
When will my dog stop jumping on guests?
Do I have time to go to the gym tonight?
Does anyone read my blog? Do I care if they do or don't?
When am I going to find a decent guy? Should I give up looking?
Will I ever get back to my high school weight? I'm almost at my college weight...
What is my brother doing right now?
How am I going to thank my parents for all the hard work they've done for me recently?
I need to call my tenant and make arrangements for the cable not to be run on horizontally across the front of my house....
Have got to finish the other tentant's lease agreement...
I'm thirsty...
I need to clean my desk...
Why have I been breaking out lately?
Do my shoes match my outfit?
I wonder what's for dinner...
Is my throat swollen and sore because of allergies or am I sick?
It smells like pizza in here....

SO RANDOM = my thoughts!! (and this is only a few minutes of my thought process!)