Friday, March 20, 2009

One of Those Days...

It's one of those days... you know, the one where everything that could go wrong at work goes wrong. Not with me personally, but with the job itself. Ok, so things could be worse. They can always be worse.

Anyway, I think I've dealt pretty well with the issues we are dealing with, but it seriously doesn't help that yesterday I moved wrong and now my neck has been spasming ever since. What the heck did I do?? I bent over to reach something and my neck said, "I'm punishing you for that!" What did I do? Why?? I was feeling really good and healthy lately (besides the leftover sore throat that won't seem to leave me alone). I think I need to start stretching in the mornings. Oh, and trust me, I'm not that old. I think being tall has cursed me with the back/neck problems. I deal. That's just one of the things I am finally learning that I have to do. Deal.

This is how I can truly appreciate someone who makes it through the daily struggles - health issues, utility bill issues, having to take a whole day off of work just for someone to come out for ten minutes to check an appliance, car troubles, appointments where the other person doesn't show up, not having an ingredient you thought you had, and many other things like that...

Hooray for all of you who have to DEAL!

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