Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grumpy Girl

Pang, likes her beauty rest. When she decides it is her bedtime, she quietly leaves the family room and goes upstairs to her bedroom. Ten minutes later I'm wondering where she is. I call her and at the top of the stairs I see her head poke beneath the ceiling. Then she runs down to see what I wanted. I tell her I just wanted to see where she was and so she walks around me a bit to make sure I didn't drop food or have a treat for her and then goes right back up to her bed. Sometimes, my bed! I come upstairs most days to find her in her "room" -her kennel. She knows she's not allowed on my bed, but does it when I'm not around. When I walk in to find her there I can't help but want to hug and kiss her anyway to tell her good night and then shove her off. She just looks so pretty all curled up in a ball -lol probably a ball of her shedded fur! Sometimes, when I go to shove her off, she gives a small growl becuase I've interuppted her sleep -or something- and she jumps off my bed and flops into her kennel. What a grumpy girl. I don't like the growling bit, but I guess she is letting me know she is unhappy. A dog talking back? My dog is so weird! I still love her though. At least she knows where her "room" is... I say "Panga, go to your room!" and she goes and lays in her kennel. I love that command, it makes me laugh. Reminds me of my mom yelling at me when I was a kid. I try not to treat Pang as if she were a kid -she's very much a dog, but she responds well to some commands that you would also give a it works for us. My current problem is figuring out what to tell a kid -er dog that keeps jumping on company? Maybe "go to your room!" would work for that.......... :P

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tooo cute for words!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Military Brat

So I grew up a Military Brat. My brother was born a brat......oh and he was a Military Brat too, of course. It's funny that I didn't even know the term Military Brat until my dad was out of the Armed Forces. Even though most of my growing up was after my dad had finished his obligation to the Military, I still remember when we lived on "the base" and I still hold some really great memories from that time. My lucky brother was born on "the base." So, whenever someone finds out his birth place, he always has something to talk about.

Anyways, let me tell you about "the base": We had old war planes in our back yard. Well, maybe not OUR back was close enough though. My brother and I used to walk down the hill and play at the base of the planes. We were too small to reach anything but the wheels and maybe we could touch the bottom of the plane if we jumped.

We went to Air Shows.....OMG if you never went to an Air Show, you have to see one. They are so neat. Just wear sun screen. Even if the sun is not out, trust me on this. OH, and you'll need sunglasses if you want to see anything.

I remember one time one of the guys saluted me when we were leaving the base. I don't know that he was supposed to do that, but it made me laugh. I think he did it because I was saluting him.

Planes were always over head, it was a normal thing. You got used to the noise. One time I was at my baby sitter's house and a helicopter was flying low enough to the ground that I could make out a man standing on the side in the doorway. I waved to him and he waved back. A memory that I will NEVER forget. What a nice guy. :)

Someone used to dress as a Santa -----er I mean Santa used to come to "the base" and hand out presents. It was so cool to have Santa visit us. Oh, and there used to be an October Fest every fall and there I learned to do the Chicken Dance. And oh was that fun! I know kinda dorky, but still fun! Trick or treat was awesome because the base housing was so close together and there was always candy at every door! Even the stores and businesses on the base had candy for us kids.

So that was life on "the base," and just in case you haven't deducted it by now, we lived on an Air Base. In a lot of ways I miss that base. Then again, the alarm for the mosquito spraying was kinda scary. I guess I would have gotten used to that. The mosquitos where we lived were so bad that they had to spray the whole base once a week. When you heard that alarm sound, you had to RUN to get indoors and RUN to make sure all of your windows were shut! Watching the adults run around like that and hearing a scary loud alarm....not something I like to remember. Other than that it was a good childhood.

Feel free to share your childhood stories. Does anyone else miss their childhood? With Santa and Trick or Treat...people were so giving then, haha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things I learned today

The grass isn't always greener on the other side

Sometimes you just need a good laugh

If you can't think of something to say...don't say anything!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Man and His Dog

So last night made me rethink my post from yesterday... my parents saw a man down by the Walmart holding a sign that said something about being down on his luck and losing his job and needing some help. He had a dog with him. Man, did that make me think. It's one thing for a man to be standing on the corner asking for food, but a man with a dog... I think I took it more presonally because I love dogs. What if that were me? Would I be able to part with my dog just to seek some shelter? Would I be able to take my dog to the pound so that she could get the food and vet visits she needs? A dog is the most loyal thing to a human and when you've got nothing, they are there. How can a person that has a dog have nothing? How will he provide for his dog? Will he feed his dog from dumpsters and hold him close when it rains or snows? Gosh, it was all too much last night. All of a sudden clothes and things just didn't seem cool anymore. It is cool to have food and shelter and water. It is cool to have a place to lay down at night with your best pal - your dog. I grabbed two gallon size bags and filled one with granola bars and two small Gatorades and the other with dog food and some treats. My dad and I traveled to the corner where he had been and drove up and down to see if we could find him, but there was no sign of the man or the dog. My dad talked about him possibly having a car and it possibly being a scam for him to get money.... but I have to wonder, would he really be out there in the cold with his dog for that reason? Even if he was, I would want to help him just in case. I packed the bags for the just in case factor. If someone needed to take advantage of others' kindness that badly, then let them have the food I offer. I rarely offer money anyway...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Being Grateful

Some people just make things look cooler. The things they wear, the things they own... the way they use the things they own... I know it's in the attitude, but it's hard to see your own attitude. Plus when I try to be cool, I know I'm only trying to be cool and I'm not really that cool. I guess it is hard to think of myself as cool when I know things about myself that rule out my coolness... like forgetting to zip up my fly, or like falling on my butt while playing tennis in a college gym class, or smashing my face into the side of a pool because I wasn't watching where I was list could go on! I'll spare you........I think.........unless you think it's funny and in that case you can just hush because I know something similar has happened to you at some point in your life.... possibly something worse... ! Ha.

The real problem is, I know too much about myself to think that I am cool. Maybe if I can ignore the uncool things that I have done and just pretend I am really cool all the time, I can learn to appreciate the things that I have because I make them look COOL!!! Totally cool! Why would I need anything else?

LOL...I wonder what uncool things those "cool" people have done.... I think it helps to put it into that light too.... haha!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I don't like to peel oranges because it stains my fingernails and it's hard to get the stuff out from under my fingernails.

I don't like to wear socks with work shoes.

I don't like to be barefoot, I have to have on socks.

I don't like the thin socks, they feel gross.

If I am walking by myself, sometimes I count my steps.

When I am working out to no music sometimes I count my movements.

Dull colors make me feel nauseous.

Certain songs make me want to cry just because of the way they sound, not the lyrics. I refuse to listen to these songs I deem sad.

If a bug I don't like touches my skin, I have to wash that spot no less than 2 times.

I hate....HATE....the feel of microfiber.

I can't file my nails, the feel of it gives me goosebumps (I can't listen to you file yours either!).

If a person doesn't say goodbye before they hang up the phone with me, I feel like the conversation is incomplete.

When I think about a time period before my time I can't imagine it in vivid color, it's always dull or black and white like the images I've seen.

Ok, that's enough, I think you get the picture....maybe a little crazy, but at least I'm not boring!!!

You are welcome to share your crazy neurosis in my comments section... :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday la good to me

LOL, I was thinking Monday and that song popped into my head. Definitely NOT one of my favorite songs. I just don't like it. It's slow, kinda boring, and it gets stuck in your head.

Anyway... today has been good so far. It is going by rather quickly which makes me happy. I like when I'm busy enough to not have to look at the clock every 15 minutes. Plus I feel better for having gotten the loaded post from Saturday off my chest. I was feeling really depressed and needed to find someone to blame for the way the economy has been. I feel better now. I feel more optimistic.

Optimism is not always my thing. I try... but I have been known to try to look at the dark side so that when I see the bright side, it's even BRIGHTER! :) That makes me THAT much know? Otherwise, I already know the darker side and it doesn't make a difference (not a big difference).

I tend to do that a lot. If you don't expect much and you actually get something, it's a BIG something!! It works for vacations, gifts, movies... haha, almost anything.

Note: I TRY to do this, I'm not always so easy to please, but I try... You have to mentally prepare yourself to be happy no matter what... I am prone to depression so it's really hard for me to do that.

Give it a try...let me know how it goes for you. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Why do people take more than they need - don't they feel guilty? There are a limited number of resources in this world and even if someone thinks they have earned more than their share, what is the point of taking it when they don't need more than their fair share? Is it really worth buying more than you need when the price is the unmet need of someone else - someone who is also hard working and deserving?

I understand that some people don't deserve to get what they want, but who doesn't deserve to get what they need? Very few people. And even those people are getting what they need in jail - food, shelter, clothes... so people who are honest and hard working could possibly be getting LESS than those who don't deserve even their basic needs!

I'm not talking communism here. I don't like communism, it is a bit extreme because people should be able to get extra if they work hard and if the resource is plentiful, plus having the government so involved can be a very bad thing.

If we don't want government to have full control when we face hard economic times, we need to step up, pitch in, and help one another until this economy takes a turn for the better and our resources are more abundant. Since things seem to be getting worse (and if you don't think they are, you need to come back to earth and take a look around!) we need to be more proactive. I'm not saying give to charities if you don't have the means... I'm saying try not to buy more than you need. Try to live WITHIN your means. Especially right now. If you live beyond your means and it is forcing others to live under their means - others who work as hard as you's just not's just not fair....

If there were less greedy people in this world, I don't know that this economy would be the way it is right now. Come on, an $87,000 rug! OK, Mr. Thain, so it's an antique and it will hopefully be worth more later ---but WHY use our hard earned tax money to get it while the economy is so poor? I'm sure that this investment stimulated the economy right away...

Maybe I am young and don't understand the world so completely, but what I see is that hard working people are losing their jobs and are having a hard time getting their basic needs met. It is depressing to see. I feel like this world is too mature and too sophisticated to let something like this happen again. It is as if greed got the better of people. And those people are not listening. Open your ears and read your history books. Why is this happening? I thought that we learn from our past...

SHAME on you who has not taken our history into account and you who has become so greedy that others have to pay for your mistakes. It's not fair.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Eye Missed a Post

So I missed a post yesterday... I had a rough day. Today is not much better except for the fact that it is Friday.

Yesterday I had to go to the docs to see what was going on with my eye. It had been bothering me since Monday. I get styes once in a while and let me tell you, if you don't get them, you are lucky! They are very uncomfortable. Anyway, I thought I just had a really bad stye. Well, it was getting worse and my actual eye was hurting off and on. I went in and it appears that something was in my eye and had bothered it pretty bad. I don't have a stye, but I have swelling and pain and itchiness. The doctor didn't see anything in my eye but gave me drops to relieve the pain and to possibly get rid of anything that might have been there.

So that's my fun story for yesterday and today. I can't wait for all of this to be over. And what's worse is that I wear contacts and can't wear them until my eye gets better. Too bad my glasses are like 10 years outdated!! Please have some pity when I trip and fall and try not to laugh at me... ok?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


LOL! This is so funny to me! You have to check it out. They are photographs of strangers standing next to each other. It's funny how it looks like they are trying to comply, but there is something holding them back... these people wouldn't make very good actors!

I'm bored!

I was gonna write a post about me not being responsible and not wanting to make desicions based on my debilitating fear of what will come back to haunt me.... but I'm boring myself just typing it.

I am one of those people... I get bored so easily. I am also easily distracted.

I was also one of those kids...I was constantly being told to stop fidgeting... stop talking... Ha, I think I got in trouble for that clear up through High School!

I remember when I was a teen, I would stand by my mom at all the family events we went to and I'd whine in her ear... "Mom, I'm boooorrrred!" I'm not sure why I bothered her with it... I guess it's hard for me to keep things to myself. I guess I thought my Mom could do something about it... but see if she did then I think it would have just embarrassed me anyway...

I wish I was more creative in the area of motivating myself and doing something so that I would not be bored - things that would not get me in trouble like talking during a lecture...

Wonder what it is about me that I start to tune things out and decide that I'm bored...? It is a lack of me being creative or the person I'm listening to? Maybe I just have no self discipline...

Ugh, I'm boring myself again... :P

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"we're [expletive] done professionally"

So, I was reading this article:,2933,487205,00.html

What's wrong with being nice?

Is swearing more professional than making a mistake?  

Bale's right, he's definitely "[expletive] done professionally..." or at least I'm done thinking he is professional.  

Monday, February 2, 2009


So it was a good game. I didn't care for either team so much, so I really didn't care what the outcome was. I was watching it for the sake of the game.

I liked the plays... there were a few nice interceptions and some great blocking going on. I did not like all the personal fouls. Come on people, grow up... I felt like I was watching Hockey for a moment there.

The commercials... they weren't funny. They were boring! LOL, I had to go back and watch the Pepsi Macgruber commercial to get the name for my post... So, the throwing the crystal ball one made me laugh mostly because it caught me by surprise, but the end was pushing it. Did the ad directors run out of funny?

Conan's ads were funny... he's funny... he's got immunity in my book...anything he does is funny! Just looking at the guy makes me laugh. Have you ever seen him do his intro to his show... his lil jump with his hair bounce...HAHA. I know it may seem like he tries too hard, but you have to give the guy credit...he's so out there and just so weird that it's funny. Maybe a pathetic funny...

What happened to the 1 second commercials? I only caught one of them. Maybe they were too quick. Innovative, but where's the beef? I saw the one where the guy said "Highlife!" but it sounded more like "Holla!" according to my dad.

So my pick for MVP would have been #23 Tyrone Carter of the Steelers (had to look him up!)... that dude can block!! I saw him throw himself like a bowling ball at players... it was funny, but whatever works! He was on last night. So on. You go #23. You inspire me. To do what, I don't know. I'll let you know when I think of it...