Monday, February 2, 2009


So it was a good game. I didn't care for either team so much, so I really didn't care what the outcome was. I was watching it for the sake of the game.

I liked the plays... there were a few nice interceptions and some great blocking going on. I did not like all the personal fouls. Come on people, grow up... I felt like I was watching Hockey for a moment there.

The commercials... they weren't funny. They were boring! LOL, I had to go back and watch the Pepsi Macgruber commercial to get the name for my post... So, the throwing the crystal ball one made me laugh mostly because it caught me by surprise, but the end was pushing it. Did the ad directors run out of funny?

Conan's ads were funny... he's funny... he's got immunity in my book...anything he does is funny! Just looking at the guy makes me laugh. Have you ever seen him do his intro to his show... his lil jump with his hair bounce...HAHA. I know it may seem like he tries too hard, but you have to give the guy credit...he's so out there and just so weird that it's funny. Maybe a pathetic funny...

What happened to the 1 second commercials? I only caught one of them. Maybe they were too quick. Innovative, but where's the beef? I saw the one where the guy said "Highlife!" but it sounded more like "Holla!" according to my dad.

So my pick for MVP would have been #23 Tyrone Carter of the Steelers (had to look him up!)... that dude can block!! I saw him throw himself like a bowling ball at players... it was funny, but whatever works! He was on last night. So on. You go #23. You inspire me. To do what, I don't know. I'll let you know when I think of it...

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