Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Man and His Dog

So last night made me rethink my post from yesterday... my parents saw a man down by the Walmart holding a sign that said something about being down on his luck and losing his job and needing some help. He had a dog with him. Man, did that make me think. It's one thing for a man to be standing on the corner asking for food, but a man with a dog... I think I took it more presonally because I love dogs. What if that were me? Would I be able to part with my dog just to seek some shelter? Would I be able to take my dog to the pound so that she could get the food and vet visits she needs? A dog is the most loyal thing to a human and when you've got nothing, they are there. How can a person that has a dog have nothing? How will he provide for his dog? Will he feed his dog from dumpsters and hold him close when it rains or snows? Gosh, it was all too much last night. All of a sudden clothes and things just didn't seem cool anymore. It is cool to have food and shelter and water. It is cool to have a place to lay down at night with your best pal - your dog. I grabbed two gallon size bags and filled one with granola bars and two small Gatorades and the other with dog food and some treats. My dad and I traveled to the corner where he had been and drove up and down to see if we could find him, but there was no sign of the man or the dog. My dad talked about him possibly having a car and it possibly being a scam for him to get money.... but I have to wonder, would he really be out there in the cold with his dog for that reason? Even if he was, I would want to help him just in case. I packed the bags for the just in case factor. If someone needed to take advantage of others' kindness that badly, then let them have the food I offer. I rarely offer money anyway...

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