Saturday, February 7, 2009


Why do people take more than they need - don't they feel guilty? There are a limited number of resources in this world and even if someone thinks they have earned more than their share, what is the point of taking it when they don't need more than their fair share? Is it really worth buying more than you need when the price is the unmet need of someone else - someone who is also hard working and deserving?

I understand that some people don't deserve to get what they want, but who doesn't deserve to get what they need? Very few people. And even those people are getting what they need in jail - food, shelter, clothes... so people who are honest and hard working could possibly be getting LESS than those who don't deserve even their basic needs!

I'm not talking communism here. I don't like communism, it is a bit extreme because people should be able to get extra if they work hard and if the resource is plentiful, plus having the government so involved can be a very bad thing.

If we don't want government to have full control when we face hard economic times, we need to step up, pitch in, and help one another until this economy takes a turn for the better and our resources are more abundant. Since things seem to be getting worse (and if you don't think they are, you need to come back to earth and take a look around!) we need to be more proactive. I'm not saying give to charities if you don't have the means... I'm saying try not to buy more than you need. Try to live WITHIN your means. Especially right now. If you live beyond your means and it is forcing others to live under their means - others who work as hard as you's just not's just not fair....

If there were less greedy people in this world, I don't know that this economy would be the way it is right now. Come on, an $87,000 rug! OK, Mr. Thain, so it's an antique and it will hopefully be worth more later ---but WHY use our hard earned tax money to get it while the economy is so poor? I'm sure that this investment stimulated the economy right away...

Maybe I am young and don't understand the world so completely, but what I see is that hard working people are losing their jobs and are having a hard time getting their basic needs met. It is depressing to see. I feel like this world is too mature and too sophisticated to let something like this happen again. It is as if greed got the better of people. And those people are not listening. Open your ears and read your history books. Why is this happening? I thought that we learn from our past...

SHAME on you who has not taken our history into account and you who has become so greedy that others have to pay for your mistakes. It's not fair.

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