Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm bored!

I was gonna write a post about me not being responsible and not wanting to make desicions based on my debilitating fear of what will come back to haunt me.... but I'm boring myself just typing it.

I am one of those people... I get bored so easily. I am also easily distracted.

I was also one of those kids...I was constantly being told to stop fidgeting... stop talking... Ha, I think I got in trouble for that clear up through High School!

I remember when I was a teen, I would stand by my mom at all the family events we went to and I'd whine in her ear... "Mom, I'm boooorrrred!" I'm not sure why I bothered her with it... I guess it's hard for me to keep things to myself. I guess I thought my Mom could do something about it... but see if she did then I think it would have just embarrassed me anyway...

I wish I was more creative in the area of motivating myself and doing something so that I would not be bored - things that would not get me in trouble like talking during a lecture...

Wonder what it is about me that I start to tune things out and decide that I'm bored...? It is a lack of me being creative or the person I'm listening to? Maybe I just have no self discipline...

Ugh, I'm boring myself again... :P

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