Monday, February 16, 2009

Being Grateful

Some people just make things look cooler. The things they wear, the things they own... the way they use the things they own... I know it's in the attitude, but it's hard to see your own attitude. Plus when I try to be cool, I know I'm only trying to be cool and I'm not really that cool. I guess it is hard to think of myself as cool when I know things about myself that rule out my coolness... like forgetting to zip up my fly, or like falling on my butt while playing tennis in a college gym class, or smashing my face into the side of a pool because I wasn't watching where I was list could go on! I'll spare you........I think.........unless you think it's funny and in that case you can just hush because I know something similar has happened to you at some point in your life.... possibly something worse... ! Ha.

The real problem is, I know too much about myself to think that I am cool. Maybe if I can ignore the uncool things that I have done and just pretend I am really cool all the time, I can learn to appreciate the things that I have because I make them look COOL!!! Totally cool! Why would I need anything else?

LOL...I wonder what uncool things those "cool" people have done.... I think it helps to put it into that light too.... haha!

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