Friday, February 4, 2011

Please Go Away and Let Me Sleep for the Love of God!

So last night my night was like this: I'm laying there trying to sleep - oh i forgot to feed the fish... back in bed - forgot to turn on my humidifier... lay back down - forgot to take my pills and no water... finally back to bed - forgot that the tv is on and the remote is like 5 feet away... argh, back in bed - what i have to go to the bathroom now?! Double argh and back to bed - what's that noise? Oh, it's a branch hitting my window... back to bed!! Then my dog wakes me up at 4am with her insistent crying. I got her a new bed and apparently she doesn't like it.

I read somewhere that you can't appreciate the good things in life without having experienced the bad.

I suppose bad nights like this help me appreciate the awesome nights full of sleep - like tonight!