Monday, March 16, 2009

Cat Got Your Arm?

Well, he got mine! I have to say...I'm really not a cat person. I think cats are beautiful creatures, if they belong to someone else! Don't get me wrong, I can pet them and be nice and friendly with them......BUT.....

My parents have a cat named George. He is a very handsome fluffy black cat with a fluffy white belly. George has the attitude of a tiger. He will swat at dogs and come out to greet guests. He likes to chew on peoples' hair. He also likes to lay right in the middle of the floor while nieces and nephews play with their toys around him. He is very much a dog in a lot of ways...but he's still a cat.


Ok, let me get to my story. I was getting dog food out of a bag and he decided to help me. His help was biting my arm to make me pull it out of the bag faster - I think. OW OW OW! He bit the real tender part of my arm - the part under the bicep...yeah the part that your brother pinched when you were fighting because it hurt real bad! So yeah I think I'm gonna have a nice bruise there.

Cats are too unpredictable for me. I know that they do this thing called love bites...but OW! I don't like that. And the kneading...OOOOH! Don't even get me started on the jumping on you and not meaning to have their claws out....AHOAGHEAOG!!!

Note that this event happened hours ago and as I write this blog, my loyal CAT is sitting on the arm of my chair with his tail waiving in and out of my face. Is this his way of making up with me?

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