Friday, March 13, 2009


In Japanese that means "begin," and that is what they say at the beginning of a karate match. I am a black belt in karate and was involved in it for 12 years. Such a long time for not wanting to be a fighter. I didn't necessarily love it, but it was worth every minute I spent there. But this isn't what I was going to start talking about...

I wanted to talk about Boo <--- my mom's dog and Panga (Abu and Topanga). They have their own little karate matches once in a while. Though not encouraged, these matches are really funny! They consist of Panga holding a treat - usually a rawhide - between her paws and covering it with her mouth so that Boo cannot get a hold of it. Boo starts barking at Pang and biting the ground in front of her (why does she do that?). Then starts the whining. Boo whines and cries because she can't get the treat. Then Panga whines and cries because she doens't want Boo to get her treat.... And would you have guessed that they sound a good bit like a swarm of bees?! They do!! You have to hear it. Maybe someday I'll record it and put it on here so you can hear it for yourself...

For now, here is a link to what a swarm of bees (and Panga and Boo) sound like:

Oh, and I should also mention that Topanga is a 45lb Golden Retriever mix, about thigh high, while Abu is a Pomeranian/Chiuaua mix and is only 10lbs and is no taller than your ankles. What's funny about that is the fact that Boo always wins these matches after the whining is over. She wiggles the treat out from underneath of Panga's feet and runs away with it. David and Goliath style!

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