Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bathroom Talk

I just feel like sharing this...

At work we have a ladies bathroom with 3 stalls. They are rather small stalls that you have to turn sideways to fit into (and I'm fairly thin). The middle stall, forget it. You can enter the stall fine without problems, but for some reason you can't exit the stall without getting stuck. I think it is because the toilet paper dispenser is on the same side as the door opening. Why did they do that?! So, to get out of the darn thing you have to step back and sort of straddle the toilet bowl between your legs so you can pull the door in enough to get out. My predicament is this: Hardly anyone uses the middle stall... thusly it's the best option for me because it is -in theory- cleaner than the other toilets. BUT, when I use that toilet there is the possibility that someone could come into the bathroom while I am in the middle stall and their only option is to use one of the stalls right next to me. I generally like my space and having an empty stall beside me is my preference. Does clean trump privacy? Remember though, these stalls are SMALL! I probably wouldn't want to stand that close to someone I was talking to....


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