Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pete and Repeat Were on a Boat...

Is there anything more annoying than having to repeat yourself or asking someone else to repeat themselves?! I tend to think not. I have a lot of patience but very little when I have to repeat something for the third time or FOURTH TIME! And don't you love that by then you are yelling it not only because you need the volume but because you are thoroughly annoyed... I have to laugh at myself for getting so irritated so quickly at something so stupid. The only way to combat my asking someone to repeat themselves more than once (at the risk of annoying them) is to protect the hearing I have now so that it doesn't get worse. I heard on the radio that if you start to turn your music or tv down, that eventually you will get used to the lower volume and that you can protect your hearing this way. I've been trying it but I'm not so sure it is working, maybe it just takes a loooong time. I'm sorry but when an AC/DC song comes on I just have to turn it up. I can't listen to it on a lower volume... it's like eating one potato chip, you just can't do it... it's weird. So as my efforts are totally failing, I'm thinking about changing my choice of music for a while until I can get used to the lower volumes so that when my dad is talking to me from another room at least I will be able to hear him when he is asking me to repeat myself for the FIFTH TIME!!

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