Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Being Faithful Part II

Ok, so the other day I was ranting about what's wrong with people and how they are unfaithful and how it's specifically men.... Well...someone near and dear to me has been dealing with a cheating husband and I was upset and shocked to find out.

Let me go on to explain that not all people (specifically men) are like that. My parents just celebrated 28 years of marriage. (A big congratulations to them!!) As much as they fight and carry on, I know that they are in love and have made a life together. I cannot tell you that they are perfect, but they try to love each other as best they can. I think marriage is a lot of work, but hopefully the rewards are worth the work.

I do not know the reasons behind one being unfaithful... and even though I believe it is wrong, I understand that they may believe they have good reason for it. It may be a result of fear or anger or some other disabling thing. I find it rather sad and I still think that it just should not happen.

My advice? Don't get married if you think this will be a problem. If you don't know that it will be a problem until it is a problem, don't pretend that everything is alright. Everything is not alright.

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