Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eminent Domain

I just read that the government is condemning land near Shanksville, Pennsylvania for the flight 93 memorial. 2,200 acres are required for the memorial and $58 billion dollars will be used.

Question 1: Who is going to pay for this?
Question 2: Why do they need that much land?
Question 3: Will many people visit this memorial?

This story has me really upset today. As a property owner, I feel the pain. Okay, so I don't have 500 acres of land, but I still understand that these people pay taxes on their property and they have ideas and uses for their property. They never knew that a plane was going to crash on their land and cause a tragedy that needs to be remembered. I understand the need to remember, the need to create something for the families, the need to allow people to mourn the loss, but do they really need that much land to do so?

See the whole story here on Yahoo:

See the definition of Eminent Domain here:

To end on a positive note: Dress Down Day at work tomorrow!!! :) That so made my day!

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