Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strange Things

Here are some strange things that I have learned in my lifetime so far:

- Never put glow sticks in your mouth
- Always check that the toilet seat is down
- Never go near a beauty school student who has bobbie pins
- Always make sure who the person is behind the mask before you react
- Never put the end of a phone charger in your mouth while it is plugged in
- Always make sure of where the cat is before opening the dog food
- Never agree to retrieve javelins
- Always wear boots in a warehouse in winter, even if it doesn't feel that cold
- Never assume all is clear when quickly ducking into a bunk bed
- Never agree to be the front of the train while sledding
- Always make sure the horse you are touching is not touching the electric fence
- Never jump on really large boxes in order to destroy them
- Always check your pillow for stink bugs, or any bug for that matter

Why do I always have to learn the hard way?! LOL!

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