Thursday, April 23, 2009

Running Away

I was talking about books today and thought of my favorite book from my childhood. It was called Maniac Magee and it was about a boy who ran away and had some neat adventures along the way. He was fearless. He would join different people and live with them for a while and then just pick up and move on and find some other family or cult to become a part of. Me? I was too afraid to run away and never actually went through with it. I packed my suitcase - my Simpson's suitcase - a few times, but could never get further than my backyard. I would always think about my family and how they'd feel and then I'd start to tear up. I'd wipe my face and go back inside and pretend that nothing happened - I'd be too embarrassed to have to explain why I wanted to run away. One time I stayed in my bed for a whole day until my mom found me in the middle of the day (probably around 10 or 11am)... I was angry that no one was looking for me. But, I have to admit that eventually she was looking for me and found me. I was glad she did. I am not even sure why I was upset or angry, but I remember that after she found me, everything was ok. So, I think this book meant something to me because I wanted the experience of running away from it all and I could have it without actually doing it. I think I knew that the streets were no place for a child. It was a scary place as it was. If you've ever lost your parents in a store or got lost in the woods, you know exactly what I mean - scary for a kid anyway. I had a hard enough time being without my parents while I was at a babysitters or staying overnight somewhere... how could I leave them forever?! I really connected with the book and was able to get past the things that made me want to run away. I read this book over and over and over... So that's my story on this story.

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