Friday, January 23, 2009


My favorite day of the week! Favorite because I am anticipating the weekend. It's the last day I have to work. Strange that my favorite day wouldn't be Saturday or Sunday when I don't have to work at all. I guess the anticipation of an awesome weekend is good enough. Plus...Friday nights there is and was always something going on. A football game, movie night, sleepovers, bar hopping, concert going, date night. Even boring Friday nights are good enough for me. A night of relaxing and knowing that the next morning there is a good chance I will be able to sleep in for an extra hour or two makes me happy. And don't let me forget that sometimes Fridays are dress-down days at work, those are the BEST Fridays ever!

Does anyone else have "Friday clothes?" I'm such a dork! I have certain shirts that I try to wear on Fridays because they are my nicest or they are the most comfortable. If I had a favorite shirt I would keep track of it all week and make sure it was clean by Friday just in case I wanted to wear it. I hardly ever have trouble getting dressed on a Friday. Other days I try things on and toss them asside. I may not know what I will wear on a Wednesday, but I usually already have in mind what I will wear that Friday. Sometimes I steal my "Friday" clothes if I am desperate. I hate when I do that.

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