Thursday, January 22, 2009


I always hated seeing people post that on people's blog comments, it seems rude to me and a waste of a comment. But if I really think about it, depending on how many people read the blog and then only read the first few comments, it is kind of cool to be -First!-. But seriously, don't you have more to say than "first"?!

Well, this is my First! post. It is more for me than anything else...but whoever wants to read it is welcome. Welcome, to my crazy world where the posts will be weird, well most of them. Weird, should have used that in the name of my blog somehow.

Speaking of naming my blog, Neon Mouse was a name I slapped together quick to see if anyone had used it already. Nope. Other names I was thinking about were Cubester Chronicles, Chronicles from the Cube, Life in a Cube, Cube Buddy, Rubik's Cubester... then I started thinking about my childhood in the 80s/90s. Things I loved: my black converse high tops with puffy paint - NEON puffy paint, snap bracelets, my cool clothes, the music, the cartoons! Ok, now that I had my love of the 80s/90s in mind I had to think about a way to incorporate that into computers - something else I love... Neon Mouse - eh, it's just ok...Neon PC - NO, Neon... Neon...mouse...FINE, I can't get that out of my head now. Neon Mouse it is. Hey, that's not too bad. Now that I think about it, I actually like it. I think I might LOVE it. Ok. So that's that.

Yeah, I'm an 80s/90s kid, pre-millenium. Nintendo, Michael Jackson (before wacko jacko), NKOTB, MC Hammer, Ninja Turtles... Man, it was all just wicked cool! I loved the 80s. Probably because I didn't have a mortgage, I didn't have to go to work, and I certainly didn't have to go to the gym to work off a doughnut. Things were easier and nothing was important, unless NKOTB were on tv -then that was pretty important. Oh, and building forts was important business too. You had to get supplies, always had to look for supplies. Other than that, nothing too pressing.

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