Friday, July 31, 2009

Storage Incident

So, I have a storage unit... and the other day I went and got some summer clothes (we are having a very late summer this year). And, I find a box of nice work shirts and figure I can use them. I bring them home and start taking them out of the box and laying them out to assess and remember the long forgotten shirts from my storage.

As I am laying them out I notice this big clump of something... what the heck is it?! It looked like a birds nest made of material. I get closer so I can really see it without touching it and I realize that it is material from the shirts I am pulling out of this box. Hmmm... how is that possible? I look closer at the shirts... yup... it's from them. There's a nice hole in almost every one of the shirts.

Then I start to get nervous... Is there something in the box I am pulling these out of? There doesn't appear to be anything in the wad of material, but I'm not too sure yet. I grab a hangar and push the wad to the floor nothing falls out of it. I guess that's good. I tip the box and cautiously pull out my formal bridesmaid dress that I spent a bit of money on to only wear once and keep in storage. Well, thankfully no holes in it, but there are stains.... GREAT! Now I can't sell it on craigslist. I guess it was not going to go on craigslist anytime soon... BUT... I now have to see if I can get it drycleaned so that perhaps someday I can post it on craigslist... -- and the listing will read -- pretty blue formal dress, worn once, housed a few mice and was peed on in a few spots, was dry cleaned, so no big deal, you will probably only wear it once and keep it in storage anyway.

Ok, getting back to the box. I pull the dress out and freak out about the stains and then I carefully peek in the box. Granted I am not afraid of mice -- no, really, I'm not, I had them as pets as a kid -- I wanted to make sure that whatever mice where in the box were not rabid and were not going to jump on me and give me reason to have a rabies shot for the second time in my life ((another story for another time)).

Ok, all that suspense for nothing! I guess that's good. No more rabies shots for me - they really hurt by the way. Nothing but mouse poo... ew!

To top off my lovely story the storage company will not reimburse me. But they can give me some traps if I stop in the office. You know what?! NO!! I'm not going to put mouse traps in my storage unit so that I my clothes can then smell of dead mice. And I'm not going to get rid of the bodies myself. And I'm not going to kill the poor little mice that so innocently ruined my things. I guess it's time to find another storage unit.

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