Monday, August 10, 2009

It's not like riding a bike...

I think I'm forgetting how to cook. I've been living with my mom for a bit... and she's such a good cook that --well why should I bother? I mean it might be a nice break for her, but why mess with a good thing? So the flip side of that is that I think I'm forgetting how to cook. Not good. I don't want to have to start all over again and burn things and not cook things long enough and starve myself in the process because I can't eat half of what I make! Just when I was beginning to get brave, the security blanket was flitted (is that even a word?) in front of me and I grabbed it. Let me be honest, I never liked cooking. I had a semi curious nature when it came to cooking, but I was completely happy allowing my mom to cook for me at all times of the day. Now, I feel that I need to really learn and remember so that I can cook for myself and someday for my family and someday for my grandkids -- all so that I and they can have the wonderful foods that I have grown up eating. See, it's all selfless here... Ok, never mind... I really am spoiled by my mom's food and sometimes even prefer eating her food to eating out! I didn't just say that... anyway... today I have volunteered to make a dish that I don't even like... FISH... ICK...GROSS!! But-- I'll only eat the fish my mom makes... so I guess I had better learn to make it.

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