Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can't Touch This

Or that... or those.

In fear of sounding really psychotic, I'm going to write about it anyway.

I can't touch certain "rough" fabrics without getting goosebumps. Microfiber feels gross to me. It sticks on the dry parts of my hands and it just doesn't feel right. Sandpaper and anything that looks or feels like sandpaper is off limits. I can't sand anything without feeling really crappy and getting major goosebumps. I used to beg other students in wood shop or art class to sand my projects for me. I know other people have similar issues (like my aunt who can't touch suede), but mine gets worse. I can't file my nails. Unless I have ear plugs and I close my eyes. Even seeing my nails being filed with no noise - somehow I still feel it. The chills go straight to the top of my head! And if you think that's bad... how about eating potato chips? Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the sandpaper feel on my teeth that it just isn't worth eating them at all! I like the taste, but not the feel. Ha. So weird...

Just thought I'd share. Those are my "nails on a chalkboard"... oh, I forgot that's one of the worst! I have to cover my ears during that scene in Better Off Dead... HORRRRRIBLE!!!!!

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