Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chromo what?

Is it just me or do some colors make you feel sick? Especially some colors together. I don't like watching shows that use certain shades of orange and green together. Those colors in those certain shades make me feel sick to my stomach. I'm not exactly sure why...

I found this interesting article, but there still seems to be no data as to why or how emotions are evoked from specific colors.

Perhaps whenever I was sick in school they sent me to a nurses station which had orange chairs and green carpeting... bleh.... perhaps it is just an association and maybe new associations can be formed...?

I should conduct my own experiments and see if I can somehow surpass my sickly feelings when seeing certain color combinations.

Maybe I can extend my experiments to my little cousins... "do you like this color?" "how does it make you feel?" "why does it make you feel like that?" "does it remind you of something?" "like a big yellow cartoon character?? - is that why it makes you feel happy???" - Ok, not sure I will get too far on that one... but it's still interesting.

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