Friday, July 17, 2009

Flying Brains

I've only ever flown once in my entire life... I know it seems strange that I grew up on an air base and have never flown until I was in my twenties. I never really had the need to fly anywhere and years ago it was cheaper to just drive. That was when gas was a dollar something a gallon. However, the one and only time I flew, I think I had an ear infection... scary stuff. I thought my ear was going to explode and that my brains were going to fly out and splatter on the guy next to me. Sounds gross, but that's what it felt like... So now, I am thinking about flying agian but all that comes to mind is brains on the guy next to me. And perhaps I've seen a few too many news stories about planes that has me not even wanting to think about flying right now. I'm going to fly anyway. I'm determined that if everyone and their baby does it... why am I afraid? It's no big deal... right? Well, this time I will have some support. The last time, I flew by myself. BUT - even though I will have support, I am determined to be ok and act like it's nothing new. Until my brains start flying out of my head... then I think I'd have every right to freak the heck out.

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