Friday, June 5, 2009

My Gramma

I love my Gramma Skunko - I couldn't say her last name right and this is what it ended up being all these years. She's the coolest gramma ever. She is and was a fantastic cook. She's not cooking so much anymore, I think after cooking for 6 kids and 13 grandkids, she's done with that. I have learned so much about cooking from her. She always taught me the dash of this and pinch of that way. I love cooking this way... I'm not a structured person, if I have too many measurements... I'm bound to mess up. My grandmother was very patient with me. I will not say that she is like that with anyone else... but she seems to be with me. We laugh and giggle and eat half of the dough or fresh beans we are using. She used to say "one for the pot, two for me, two for the pot, three for me..." all the while handing me peices of whatever to eat... I loved it! She and I made messes! Huge messes. We would spill flour on the floor and get it on our faces and she'd just laugh. This is the point where if I was with my mother she would get upset with me and tell me to leave the kitchen...haha. I think it's different for grammas. My gramma wasn't pushing me to be independent, just letting me help her in my own way.

Recently my gramma promised to show me how to make periogi's... I have to take her up on her word real soon!

favorite quote from my gramma:

me: where are you going?
gramma: crazy, want to come...

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