Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Dad

So I know it's only Thursday, but I feel like posting something about my dad for Fathers' Day. I like to put the apostrophe after because it is a day to celebrate all fathers, and especially mine.

So here goes...

My dad is a very laid back guy. He is very patient and easy going. You can talk to him about anything and doesn't wince when you tell him something that you know he doesn't want to hear about. He is very open and honest and will tell you like it is. He doesn't always agree with how it is and he will tell you that you can change it. He is a very good therapist. He has a calming voice and can talk you down from almost anything. He is persuasive and yet supportive. Sometimes my dad appears to be in his own world and we joke about that...but for how busy he is, I suppose that he has a lot on his mind. My dad may seem really slow paced sometimes, but for how fast paced everything is around us, sometimes it helps the rest of us to take it easy. Other times I think it can drive us nuts...haha. My dad is very protective of his family. He makes sure that we have what we need. He is always buying things for my brother and me and rarely expects us to pay him back... we usually do though. My dad is a strong person and has been through a lot. He has worked his way up the ladder in his career and has really proven himself to be a good employee and a fantastic manager.

Here's to my dad: A family man, a career man, a trekkie, a star wars nut, a video gammer, a computer nerd, a Dr. Evil impersonator, a Homer Simpson enthusiast, a therapist, a military veteran, a funny man, a grumpy man, a sensible man, a caring man, a Chris Farley fan, a weird man, a patient man, a movie buff.......................

He is MANY more things to me, but I don't know that you want me to list everything.... do you? And I'm not talking to!

Happy Fathers' Day Dad!!! I hope this Sunday is a nice one!

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