Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh, It's On!

The war against the stink bugs is totally on! Those things are UGLY!!

I don't know what it is with me and bugs... I try very hard to like them because I know they are a part of nature and I have a deep love of nature and of almost all living things. I do not kill bugs if I can help it because I do not find reason in killing any living thing that is just trying to survive, plus I feel that it would give me bad karma. Although, I can somehow justify generously taking them outside to freeze to death naturally.

Anyway, I find stink bugs (among a few other bugs - ok most other bugs) to be incredibly ugly. And for some reason because I think they are ugly, I do not want them to touch me and I do not want to touch them. As long as they respect this wish I am fine with them minding their own business.

But they don't mind their own business!!! And when they start CRAWLING on MY LEG while I am on the phone with the water company and can only scream silently... all bets are off! I didn't kill the thing and I'm sure it's still crawling around the house somewhere, but it's probably a bit shaken. I was NOT going to tolerate that nonchalant crawling on my thinly clothed skin behavior.

Come on!!! I only request that you don't TOUCH ME!!! Don't fly at my face, don't crawl on my arm, don't get tangled in my hair, and while you are at it...don't even look at me!

Ok, I realize that there is no logic behind my not wanting a bug to touch me, and I'm not quite sure what brought on this irrational fear but I am working hard to squash this fear - yes pun definitely intended. .....I have a feeling that this will be a slow work in progress.....

Me = 1 for not screaming while on the phone, stinkbug = 1 for not being ground into the carpet.

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