Monday, January 11, 2010

Ebay Sniper

Ebay is addicting. Bidding is addicting. It feels good to be the top bidder. Then you get into bidding wars and you try to outbid at the last minute by 50 cents - you try to be the bidding sniper. It's crazy. Then when you win... you feel satisfied. Only you aren't really winning, you are merely paying more for an item than what someone else would pay for it. Then you have to wonder if the item was really worth it. Who knows where the item has been and if there is any damage to the item. You have a few far away and blurry pictures of that item to show you a general idea, but nothing concrete. You start to wonder if may have been a bad idea to try to be the top bidder. Then you find another interesting item on ebay and start bidding on it. You totally forget about the regret that started to sink in from the previous item. You feel satisfied once again that you've won. Then you realize that what you are winning is costing and you the money you've spent is starting to pile up. Crap! You have to stop. This is so addicting. Oooooh, you got positive feedback for hastily paying for an item in which you have very little idea of the condition. Ha, ok... I think I'm done with ebay for a while. I was trying to get positive feedback so that I can start selling a few things. I hope I haven't spent more than what I'll get for the items I'm selling...


  1. All bidders should appreciate sniping, even if they're not snipers themselves (I don't see why anyone would bid otherwise). You know the snipes are coming, it forces you to decide on your absolute bid, and place it (or schedule a snipe yourself). No more sitting at the pc near the end of the auction thinking 'if it goes above my max, maybe I'll go just $5 more' or whatever.

    In other words, sniping should be a time saver (and nerve saver) for even the people who do not snipe. If you're upset after losing an item in the last few seconds, you should have placed a higher bid - if you lose, the winner paid too much. is a sniping service you can try, but there's more out there.

  2. Very True! Thanks for the info.

    You are right that the game is probably more about not overpaying for an item than actually winning the bid...