Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Connecting the Dots

Sometimes I am so slow... Not sure what is wrong with me, but I just don't put things together. I think it's just that when I start to think about something my mind wanders and I start to think about other things and I never get back to the original subject to fully think it through.

Anyway... Today (after how many years? ) I just learned that people buy Lobsters (to eat) while they are still alive. My family doesn't do it and I think that's the biggest reason I never realized that they can be bought live. But now I totally understand the aquariums of lobsters with the rubber bands on their claws. I always assumed that it was just for show and you pick the one that looks the healthiest or whatever and then they kill it there and you take the carcass home. Well, no, you pick a live one and take a live one home and (I had to ask) you boil it to kill it. If only I was a normal predator who thought there was nothing wrong with this...

Connect the dots... la, la...la,la....

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