Friday, April 30, 2010

Butt Wiping Irrational

My compassion for animals has rendered me just a little bit irrational. It is nothing new, I have always been this way. When it comes to the life of almost any thing, there is no price to me. I have to laugh at myself... I was really upset last night and told my boyfriend that money was just paper and that I could wipe my butt with money. I'm a little embarrassed that I said that; however, I am very distraught over my ailing rabbit. I've had him for about 5 years now and although I am not as attached to him as I was to my previous rabbit or my dog for that matter, I still feel in my heart that I should do everything I possibly can (or possibly can't) for this rabbit in order to prolong his life. I feel responsible for the animals that I take in. And, even though I feel responsible, I understand that spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a rabbit is kind of nuts. What's more nuts is that I would feel the same and want to spend hundreds or thousands on a rat or a frog or even a hamster. Oh and don't even ask about a dog! Oh what do I do? So far, I only have a prognosis and so I will try my best to think rationally when we know exactly what is wrong with my Ravi - that's his name. I got him from a cute little Indian girl and had kept the name she gave him. I asked her his name as I was loading him in my car and she called it to me through thick tears. She didn't want to give him up and I felt really bad for taking him - but her parents thought it was a bit too much responsibility for her at the time. I totally understood the girl's pain and took the rabbits (there are 2) as quickly as possible so that maybe it would have a band-aid type affect...? I am hoping that she is now able to have and care for a rabbit or two. She deserves them. But I also hope that it's a long while before she has to worry about what I'm dealing with right now. It's just so incredibly sad and can make any animal lover down right butt wiping irrational.

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