Thursday, October 15, 2009


Behold the Behold....

I have a Samsung Behold and I love it. I was trying to hold off for an iPhone but the problems with my old phone were getting rather annoying. I decided to go for a lower end smart phone, but a nice one. Low end? This is pretty neat for low end. I have a 5 mp camera, an mp3 player, and an awesome touch screen keypad that will even work with the tips of my fairly short fingernails. Now, all I need is the data plan that comes with it. I am trying my best to live within my means. It's tough, but I understand the true meaning of earning everything I have. I think it helps to appreciate those things a little more than I would if I have just been given everything. And I really appreciate my phone. It is such an upgrade from my old phone. I love that I can have my touch screen for a decent price and can move to the data plan when I am ready. This phone is a perfect fit for me. I would recommend this phone to The Pope!

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