Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life is like a box of blah

To sum up almost a year of no posts -

I made the decision to put my rabbit Ravi down and ever since I've been pretty focused on death itself and also my decision. Ravi was not eating and I was going to have to force feed him. It was a tough choice and I am still beating myself up about it 5 months later.

I had a pivotal birthday a few months back and realize that I'm not ever going to get younger. A statement from my mom that she is almost halfway through her life scared the crap out of me! I really need to come to terms with this stuff before it all makes me crazy. I choose not to think about it but then it seems to eat at my subconscious self. I suppose I can't be the only one scared to death of death... I realize that my faith is weak and I wonder if that is a cause, but I do not want to push myself into believing something that I'm not certain is true. I'm not a follower. I like to form my own opinions and beliefs. I just need to learn how to deal with the facts that I've got, be ok with them, and move on.

Work hasn't been much better...

Sometimes I wish I could go back to elementary school again where it was so easy to make friends. I am finding that friends are hard to find in the corporate playground.

Sorry for such a Poopie Post... Hopefully nicer happier ones to come. :) OMG, did I just manage a smile?

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