Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whattdya know?

So my rabbit Ravi is still alive. He was supposed to die 8 months ago according to the vet. He has a cancerous tumor which they cannot remove because it is in his jaw bone. So far it only seems to cause his teeth to grow funny and have to be cut every once in a while. Other than that he's just fine. I am amazed that he has made it this long. Maybe a miracle? Who knows... But I'm happy to have him around as long as he is not in pain, which he does not seem to be.

Outside of my rabbit, life has been pretty good to me. Got a small promotion at work, working on a rental unit and getting it ready to rent out. A lot of my friends are having babies and that's always a positive thing. My dog is actually starting to listen to me a little (just a little), but it's a step in the right direction. I met my penpal from Bosnia. I have known her for a long time and I seriously need to dedicate a whole post to her. It was like seeing my friend in 3-D, nothing new, just more dimension to her now. She's a great friend! I am still with the same boyfriend and it's been a year and a half of a great time! I've become a better crocheter and even got a sewing machine for Christmas.

Lol, I seriously never thought I'd be excited by a sewing machine. I always thought that it was what the nerdy girls or the grandma's did. Never thought it was a "cool" thing to do. Still don't think it is but never realized how relaxing it can be or how accomplished I can feel after I finish a project. Friends are also amazed at the handmade quality of gifts I give. It's a win-win. Just wish I had a little more time and/or motivation to work on the projects instead of them taking me months to finish. Guess that's just how it works with those types of projects. It's not like painting a bedroom that takes a day or two to finish. It's definitely not immediate gratification.

Not wanting to be too negative, I will quickly mention that I've been sick for the past few weeks. Some bug I guess. At this point I am so completely exhausted from being sick, but I think realizing all of these positive things in my life helps me to get through the difficult times. I expect to make a full recovery really soon.

More to come...

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