Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have a Cry... It's On Me...

Sometimes you just have to cry it out. But then you have to move on. Life isn't always as you expect it. It really isn't. Oh and along with not having the life you expected comes my dear old friend jealousy who is a horrid little thing and if you don't admit to ever being jealous well then I seriously don't believe you. I admit it... I've been jealous... probably more times than I care to count... but you know, it's a part of life. We all want things we can't or don't have. Perhaps that should be motivation to make some positive life changes. Motivation to work harder, be healthier, communicate better, be a better listener. And during your escapades to build a better life for yourself, you will start to notice that sometimes the unexpected can be so much better than what you were hoping for. So much so that you have to sit back and take it in. I have a deep appreciation for the fact that life is so much bigger than just me...or you... So what I'm trying to say is... you can feel bad about not being where you want to be (I am totally there with you), but then move on. And just keep moving. Or Swimming if you are Dori fan.

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