Friday, May 4, 2012

Peppermint Pop Pop

A while back, probably 3 years or more, I ran into this old man who reeked of peppermint. It was funny because it didn't bother me one bit like someone who reeks of cologne or cigarette smoke does. It was actually very pleasing and made me feel happier somehow. I never forgot this man because of his unique scent. Most people don't really smell like peppermint - you just catch whiffs of it around them. Well this guy smelled like he took a bath in a batch of the sweet, delightful mints. His lingering odor was very uplifting long after he had left the room. After coming across this man, I've wondered how in the world you can smell that strongly of it. I've tried chewing many different mints to see if there are some that are strong enough to cause this mysteriously strong aroma, but I can't seem to find the source of strength of the odor he had. Maybe he rubbed the essential oil on himself... strange, but interesting. And I'm pretty sure it was not peppermint flavored Snuff. My Pop Pop used to chew that stuff and I didn't really like the smell of it because it's mixed with tobacco which I think smells gross. Anyway, I think it's funny that I still remember this man years later and it still makes me smile to think about how pleasant the smell was. I need a trademark smell like that - one that makes people around me happier. How cool would that be? Minty cool.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life is like a box of blah

To sum up almost a year of no posts -

I made the decision to put my rabbit Ravi down and ever since I've been pretty focused on death itself and also my decision. Ravi was not eating and I was going to have to force feed him. It was a tough choice and I am still beating myself up about it 5 months later.

I had a pivotal birthday a few months back and realize that I'm not ever going to get younger. A statement from my mom that she is almost halfway through her life scared the crap out of me! I really need to come to terms with this stuff before it all makes me crazy. I choose not to think about it but then it seems to eat at my subconscious self. I suppose I can't be the only one scared to death of death... I realize that my faith is weak and I wonder if that is a cause, but I do not want to push myself into believing something that I'm not certain is true. I'm not a follower. I like to form my own opinions and beliefs. I just need to learn how to deal with the facts that I've got, be ok with them, and move on.

Work hasn't been much better...

Sometimes I wish I could go back to elementary school again where it was so easy to make friends. I am finding that friends are hard to find in the corporate playground.

Sorry for such a Poopie Post... Hopefully nicer happier ones to come. :) OMG, did I just manage a smile?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Please Go Away and Let Me Sleep for the Love of God!

So last night my night was like this: I'm laying there trying to sleep - oh i forgot to feed the fish... back in bed - forgot to turn on my humidifier... lay back down - forgot to take my pills and no water... finally back to bed - forgot that the tv is on and the remote is like 5 feet away... argh, back in bed - what i have to go to the bathroom now?! Double argh and back to bed - what's that noise? Oh, it's a branch hitting my window... back to bed!! Then my dog wakes me up at 4am with her insistent crying. I got her a new bed and apparently she doesn't like it.

I read somewhere that you can't appreciate the good things in life without having experienced the bad.

I suppose bad nights like this help me appreciate the awesome nights full of sleep - like tonight!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whattdya know?

So my rabbit Ravi is still alive. He was supposed to die 8 months ago according to the vet. He has a cancerous tumor which they cannot remove because it is in his jaw bone. So far it only seems to cause his teeth to grow funny and have to be cut every once in a while. Other than that he's just fine. I am amazed that he has made it this long. Maybe a miracle? Who knows... But I'm happy to have him around as long as he is not in pain, which he does not seem to be.

Outside of my rabbit, life has been pretty good to me. Got a small promotion at work, working on a rental unit and getting it ready to rent out. A lot of my friends are having babies and that's always a positive thing. My dog is actually starting to listen to me a little (just a little), but it's a step in the right direction. I met my penpal from Bosnia. I have known her for a long time and I seriously need to dedicate a whole post to her. It was like seeing my friend in 3-D, nothing new, just more dimension to her now. She's a great friend! I am still with the same boyfriend and it's been a year and a half of a great time! I've become a better crocheter and even got a sewing machine for Christmas.

Lol, I seriously never thought I'd be excited by a sewing machine. I always thought that it was what the nerdy girls or the grandma's did. Never thought it was a "cool" thing to do. Still don't think it is but never realized how relaxing it can be or how accomplished I can feel after I finish a project. Friends are also amazed at the handmade quality of gifts I give. It's a win-win. Just wish I had a little more time and/or motivation to work on the projects instead of them taking me months to finish. Guess that's just how it works with those types of projects. It's not like painting a bedroom that takes a day or two to finish. It's definitely not immediate gratification.

Not wanting to be too negative, I will quickly mention that I've been sick for the past few weeks. Some bug I guess. At this point I am so completely exhausted from being sick, but I think realizing all of these positive things in my life helps me to get through the difficult times. I expect to make a full recovery really soon.

More to come...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mood Ring

I'm like a mood ring. Whenever I am near someone (anyone) having a bad day - I start to turn red. Ok, I don't exactly turn red, but I am totally affected by their mood. If someone is sad, I feel sad. Angry, angry. Happy, happy. I don't know that I like being affected like this. I feel like a chameleon. I can't stay happy when I know someone else is sad. And when someone is slamming things around and cursing under their breath it is almost impossible for me to ignore it and keep my cool attitude. Sometimes I feel offended by some one's being angry. It's like they are trying to ruin my day because they are having a bad day. Hmmm... perhaps I just take things too personally.

My dad always says: "You choose your own attitude. Don't let people have your day." That's a tough one for me, but I will keep repeating it to myself when I am in these situations where I am being affected by someone else's mood (a negative one).

I wonder why it is so difficult to transfer a positive mood to others? I try to say positive things and try to offer little things like a piece of chocolate to help brighten their day, but I don't think it works. I'm not a good cheerer uper. I suppose at least I try. And just because it doesn't seem to work, I'm not going to stop because maybe I am making some one's day a little nicer. Maybe.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Was Wrong

Not often am I wrong... but --- Ha, I kid!

Ok, so I was wrong. A few posts ago I was complaining about a pregnant woman smoking but I have found that there are actually reasons for pregnant women to smoke. I know, sounds crazy right? But it's true. Women who are smokers who become pregnant but are considered high risk pregnancies are told to keep smoking because if they quit, it will be too stressful and they could lose their baby. I guess my stance is, don't smoke in the first place. But yeah, pretty awful that you have a situation like that. I feel bad, but this is just one more reason I hate cigarettes and smoking!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010



I know the purpose of the cement posts are to keep people from crashing into the gas pumps, but I think that their secondary purpose is for people to smack their car doors on them. Thankfully I haven't done this recently but I have done it in the past and enough times to learn never to do it again and I have seen other people do it. Just the other day I was admiring all of the scuff marks on a nice red post. I just think it's sad that those posts are so close to where you open your car door. I would be curious to find out what the statistics are for how many times those are hit by car doors on a daily basis. I'm also wondering why no one has come up with a better solution because from what I can see, these are a problem for most people. Including Tommy Boy!! Hah. Just thought of that. That was great! "What'd you do?"